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If you’re wondering what MCM is all about, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is all about the history of the brand, its products and its customers. We’ll also take a look at the company’s signature logo printed material, the Cognac Visetos. You will learn why this brand is so popular among celebrities. This luxury fashion brand was founded in 1976 as Michael Cromer Munich. Their products are known for being both sophisticated and comfortable, and their logo is a fashion icon.

MCM is a fashion brand

MCM is a German-based fashion brand founded by Michael Cromer Munchen in 1976. Inspired by the Louis Vuitton brand, MCM’s luggage was popular with stars like Diana Ross and Cindy Crawford. In the 1980s, MCM was a cult brand and its suitcases were carried by submissive wearers in Dynasty. By the 1990s, MCM had opened 250 stores around the world and hired Herb Ritts for its advertising campaigns. The company also featured Cindy Crawford, who advertised MCM bags in the nude. Despite its initial success, the MCM brand suffered financial problems in the noughties.

The company has long been associated with the legendary KONIG gallery. A new art space, KONIG Seoul, will open a branch in Gangnam, where the brand is currently expanding. The last collaboration between MCM and KONIG was in Tokyo, but the new collaboration is in Seoul. It is a testament to the brand’s commitment to supporting artists. And since MCM’s target audience is younger than many of its competitors, the company plans to expand its men’s collection.

The company has been serving private label and fashion brand customers for over twenty years. During that time, the company has broadened its product offerings and expanded into new areas. MCM offers everything from pattern and brand design to cutting and sourcing and packaging. Whether you’re looking for designer clothing or streetwear, you’ll find it at MCM. For more information about MCM, visit the company’s website, MCM is a fashion brand that appeals to Millennials.

Travel Experience

MCM’s latest luggage collection pays homage to the brand’s rich travel history. Each piece has a distinctive design inspired by influential moments in music history. The MCM Luft travel bag is available in a range of colors to match the brand’s storied past. The bag’s leather-lined interior offers plenty of room for clothing and accessories. The luggage will be available in stores and online in Spring 2019.

The SS19 MCM collection builds on the company’s travel history and presents an all-encompassing lifestyle assortment. Inspired by aerial sports, the collection celebrates the freedom of movement and hands-free travel. The brand’s creative vision for this collection is rooted in its heritage in travel and sports, highlighting the dynamism of its craft. MCM also draws inspiration from the practical uniforms of pilots.

Today, the company is a global force in the luxury travel goods industry. MCM has its origins in Munich and draws inspiration from a variety of cultural influences. In addition to its rich travel heritage, the brand uses cutting-edge techniques to create functional travel accessories. MCM’s tradition in the travel industry is evident in its use of materials such as leather, nylon, silver ripstop and leather in its collection.

MCM online store

An MCM online store is a great way for customers to buy products they have seen on the company’s website. It saves customers time by allowing them to buy items when they want. Often, the prices are also cheaper than in a retail store. You can shop for bags and other accessories at any time of the day or night and also save money when you buy online. Below are some tips for shopping at an MCM online store.

Quality is always an issue when you shop at the MCM brand. The products are made from high-quality materials, including fine leather. In addition to using high-quality materials, MCM products are also very durable, so their owners can use them for years. When buying from an MCM online store, the materials, stitching and closures are of particular importance. These factors make a quality bag or accessory a worthwhile purchase.

Returns are easy. If you have purchased an MCM product, you can return it for a full refund or exchange it for another product. Simply bring your receipt with you when you return an item. The MCM online store will gladly accept returns as long as they are returned in perfect condition and in the original packaging. This will save you the hassle of returning unwanted items. You can even get a free shipping label when you use the MCM online store.

In addition to the MCM online store, you can also buy the brand’s products from a retail store. MCM has several stores in the US and is present in cities like London, Paris and Munich. In addition to the online stores, MCM has physical stores in New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and the Middle East. The online store also allows you to view and compare the products and prices of the various products at each location.

The MCM brand began with simple vintage-style tote bags and suitcases. Diana Ross and the Dynasty actors were just some of the celebrities who loved MCM bags. In the 1990s, however, sales began to slow. In 2005, the company moved its production to South Korea. Today, MCM bags are aimed at young, urban trendsetters. The bags feature unique robot-inspired details and pair perfectly with special snapbacks or designer sneakers.


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