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Aquazzura – Italian Flair

If you’re looking for stylish sunglasses with Italian flair, you’ve come to the right place. Aquazzura’s headquarters are located in Florence’s Palazzo Corsini, which was once a 16th century residence of the Medici family. All Aquazzura sunglasses are handcrafted in Tuscany and take up to thirty hours to make. The name Aquazzura comes from the designer’s favorite color, blue, which means water in Italian.

Founder Edgardo Osorio

Colombian beau Osorio is now looking to expand his retail business. He already has 15 stores and wants retail to make up sixty to seventy percent of his business in the next few years. His designs have already been seen by Gigi Hadid, Devon Windsor, Eugenie Niarchos and Nicole Battaglia. His London atelier is located in the historic Palazzo Corsini, surrounded by manufacturers and suppliers.

The brand’s recent growth has been impressive. The most recent launch was a home line, where Osorio introduced the Tequila sandal and clutch. The full line will launch in July, but there are already some exciting limited edition pieces in the works, like a summer pop-up store celebrating the brand’s SS22 collection. In addition to the Capsule collection, Osorio has also designed two other limited-edition bags with semi-precious stones that sold out in a single night.

Osorio’s home is a fascinating study in color and style. His fascination with shells and coral is evident in every room. One wall in the TV room is covered in coral. The rest of the house is bursting with color and personality, with artwork by Aaron Young, Dan Res and Douglas Gordon. The dining room has a more stately feel, with a vintage Sputnik crystal chandelier hanging above the Carrera marble-topped dining table.

The high-end line has built an impressive following thanks to the charisma of its founder. Founder Edgardo Osorio recently visited the United Arab Emirates as part of his work trip. He spoke with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia at Level Shoes and answered questions about his brand, its history and creative process. He also designed exclusive shoes for Level Shoes that bring a new dimension of sophistication to the luxury footwear market.

Aquazzura’s sexy, comfortable and stylish shoes are popular with celebrities, royalty and fashion insiders. The company was founded in 2011 and is now distributed by Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus International and Level Shoes in Dubai. After graduating from fashion school, Osorio was already recognized by prestigious fashion houses. In 2011, he founded Aquazzura, combining his talents in fashion and comfort.

Design Process

The design process for Aquazzura was a collaborative one. Designer Edgardo Osorio collaborated with renowned interior designer Michael Korban to create an inspiring retail experience. He first got into interior design in 2017, when he collaborated with British home furnishings brand de Gournay to design a limited-edition shoe capsule and special wallpaper. The designer wanted to launch the project before the pandemic hit the country. However, the pandemic was a setback that delayed production and triggered a surge in demand for interior design.

The name Aquazzura was chosen as a nod to its love of the sea and the crystal clear waters of the Italian island of Capri. The Italian brand is associated with the traditional craftsmanship of its founder, but with a modern twist. Osorio’s philosophy was to design shoes that women would want to dance in, whether they were walking or dancing. Ultimately, he wanted his shoes to be both comfortable and luxurious.

In addition to the New York flagship store, Aquazzura also plans to redesign its flagship store in Florence. It will be the largest Aquazzura store in the world and will feature both the home and upcoming new fashion categories. The New York store will also sell the company’s tableware line. In addition, Aquazzura hopes to open shop-in-shops internationally and develop corner units within its existing retail network.

The Aquazzura tableware collection is part of a larger project called Aquazzura Casa. The project will be unveiled in 2020. The company recently hired Fiona Leahy as co-creative director. The dinnerware line is part of a collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo and de Gournay, as well as other leading designers. In addition, the company has collaborated with actresses Begum Khan and Poppy Delevingne.


The Aquazzura brand is known for its comfort-oriented shoe styles. With comfort in mind, this line was designed to give women the best experience possible. The shoes are known for their sleek, sophisticated design. The shoes also have excellent quality and are named after Italian acques. The brand was founded by Colombian fashion designer Edgardo Osorio in 2011. Since then, he has collaborated with leading designers, including Salvatore Ferragamo.

The name of the brand was inspired by its founder Edgardo Osorio. Osorio grew up in Miami and London, but later found his adopted home in Florence, Italy. The city is a picturesque place that inspired him to come up with a name for the brand. ‘Aquazzura’ is made up of the Italian words ‘acqua’ (water) and ‘azzurra’ (blue), and the company’s logo represents the beautiful Italian Riviera. The golden pineapple, an icon in Asian and European cultures, represents comfort and warmth.

Initially, the brand was a private label, but quickly became famous after its launch in 2011 in Florence. Edgardo and co-founder Ricardo D’Almeida collaborated with Italian shoemakers and human anatomy experts to create a comfortable shoe for everyday wear. Soon, celebrities like Kate Hudson and Emma Watson flocked to the brand to buy these shoes. The comfort of the shoes earned Aquazzura the nickname “the 12-hour shoe.” The founders of the brand have mastered the balancing act between innovation and tradition.


There are many reasons for the many Aquazzura collaborations, including the fact that both companies share a contemporary aesthetic. As with any collaboration, the two companies find common ground when it comes to creative and handcrafted luxury. In this case, the collaboration between Aquazzura and de Gournay was sparked by a mutual admiration for the styles of both companies. In addition, the collaborations underscore a shared appreciation of femininity.

The first collaboration was with British model and style icon Poppy Delevingne and featured eight models. Both women are known for their bold style, and the collaboration with Aquazzura is right up Poppy’s alley. Despite the fact that the collection was not very popular at first, the brand is already benefiting from the celebrity endorsement of the two actresses. The new Poppy Delevingne x Aquazzura collection is set to launch in September.

In another recent Aquazzura collaboration, the Italian brand has teamed up with British wallpaper manufacturer deGournay. The result of this collaboration is a variety of styles ranging from elegant tennis shoes to cute mini shoes for children. And in another collaboration, the two companies have designed a collection that combines unique style with a bold color palette. The collection also includes a range of beautiful sandals for summer and a pair of shoes for winter.

Whether collaborating with a famous brand or an up-and-coming designer, the Aquazzura collaborations are sure to make a statement. The shoes are handmade in Italy and combine whimsy with elegance. The brand has already collaborated with actresses like Olivia Palermo and Johanna Ortiz. They have also collaborated with famous Italian model Claudia Schiffer to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her modeling career.

Aquazzura online store

When it comes to buying Aquazzura products, it’s easy to see why you would want to do so. Whether you’re looking for the latest swimwear or just a new way to show off your collection, you’ll find it in the online store. Shopping online is not only easy and convenient, but it’s often cheaper than buying in a brick-and-mortar store. Below are some tips to make online shopping a breeze:

You can claim your Aquazzura merchandise, including clothing, if it arrives damaged or defective. The process begins when you pick up the merchandise from the seller. Within one month, the seller will notify you of the claim. However, if your complaint is deemed unjustified, the item will be returned to you without remedy and without your money. If the item is damaged, you should contact the seller immediately to file a claim.

The company’s shoes are handmade in Italy and are known for their quality and elegance. Founded by Edgardo Osorio, Aquazzura has received international recognition for its fashionable yet comfortable shoes. The brand’s selection includes glittery sandals, sparkling sneakers and PVC pumps. Whatever the occasion, you will find a pair of Aquazzura shoes that will meet your expectations. With them, any outfit will be a head-turner!

The Aquazzura Sale

Looking for a shoe that will complete your outfit perfectly? Look no further, because the Aquazzura Sale will help you find the perfect pair. Here you can find elegant styles in sizes 35 to 42 at prices ranging from $179 to $236. The sale takes place at the offices of a consulting firm. The dates are May 4 to 6. The best time to shop is now! Take advantage of these clearance sales to save money on your new pair of shoes.

You can find the best deals at Aquazzura Sale. The shoe brand is famous for its high-quality materials and craftsmanship and is made in Italy. The founder of the brand, Edgardo Osorio, was educated at the prestigious London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. During his time at Central Saint Martins, he worked for designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo before launching his own luxury shoe line.


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