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A closer look at Suicoke

From collaborations to edgy designs, Suicoke shoes are the perfect complement to any outfit. From Vibram soles to edgy collaborations, Suicoke offers a unique blend of style and comfort. We take a closer look at Suicoke’s approach to product design. And we learn more about the company’s commitment to quality. Read on to learn more. To learn more about Suicoke, click here.

Suicoke’s unconventional approach to design

An unconventional design approach is at the heart of Japanese footwear brand Suicoke. The iconic MOK sandals are made of lightweight rubber and feature die-cut holes in the upper. These shoes are perfect for everyday wear. The iconic Japanese brand has a long history of innovative design and unique aesthetics. Read on to learn more about Suicoke’s unique approach to footwear. Here, we take a look at some of their most iconic products and how they stand out from other footwear brands.

Founded in 2006, the Japanese brand Suicoke was started by anonymous founders. The brand’s first physical location is Orgy’s multi-brand store. The company has no external retailers because the founders wanted to give the brand their own touch. The cautious approach to collaborations is evident in the limited physical stores and few collaborations. The Japanese brand started with small accessories and hand-painted Russian dolls before entering the world of footwear. However, the founders did not reveal how many designers Suicoke has.

The company’s ethos is to challenge itself and its audience. This is evident in its collaboration with Vibram, which began in 2013 with the production of leather sandals. In recent years, the Japanese brand has focused on casual luxury sandals. This collaboration has resulted in Suicoke footwear evolving from “gladiator sandals” to “casual luxury.” The most popular product, the BITA sandal, is an example of this.

Suicoke and Dr. Martens have also collaborated on two sandals, the Suicoke and the Lorsan, which incorporate the Lorsan sandal into their mainline silhouettes. The sandals are made of smooth black leather and feature branding from both brands. The sandals feature yellow stitching and the Dr. Martens trademark on the heel. Both brands will launch the Capsule Line on March 13.


Japanese footwear maker Suicoke’s streetwear sandals have dominated the podium for several seasons, but now they’re being paired with home textiles and furniture brand HAY. The two-headed collaboration features colorful harlequin straps and Vibram soles. The stylish and durable sandals are available in six tame colorways. The shoes retail for $375.

The collaboration with Marsell and Suicoke has proven successful, as Marsell recently announced a new pair of sandals with a shared design. Suicoke’s shoes are made entirely by hand in their Venice atelier. The Capsule Collection will be available in select Leform boutiques worldwide. Suicoke’s new footwear is inspired by Japanese culture and crafted with Italian craftsmanship. The sandals will also feature a vegan and recycled rubber outsole.

The SS19 collection of Suicoke sandals with Evisu is already one of the brand’s most popular. The collaboration includes three unisex models that feature a durable Vibram sole and monochromatic uppers. The MOTO-CAB and the KISEE-VPO are two examples of these sandals. Each sandal is adorned with overlapping Velcro straps and a logo.

The first collaboration between Suicoke and OVO was with the legendary Dr. Martens. This collaboration resulted in a sandal collection that combines the design ethos of the two brands. The OVO brand shoe features a 3M Thinsulate and eVent footbed, while the Suicoke-designed Bower Boot features a camouflage leather upper and rubber tread midsole.

The Vibram Soles

Suicoke’s ECO line of sandals are made from recycled materials. The upper of each sandal has individual toe pockets that mimic the feel of walking barefoot. The soles are treaded for grip and feature yellow Vibram logos. These shoes are both comfortable and easy to wear. And because Vibram’s ECO soles are made from up to 30% recycled rubber, they’re good for the environment.

Founded in Japan in 2006, Suicoke has built a loyal following with its experimental footwear. Their ethos is to produce high-quality, technical sandals with advanced features like adjustable nylon straps and Vibram soles. These sandals have become cult classics thanks to their comfortable neoprene inserts and Vibram soles. The brand also makes other high-quality sandals, such as a limited edition version with leather lining.

The commitment to quality

The brand is shrouded in mystery, a fact that makes its mission to offer quality products all the more impressive. According to Jinichi Leung, international sales manager and de facto salesman, this secrecy is intentional. The story of Suicoke’s origins is also not entirely clear. The brand has been around since 2013, when it was virtually unknown and most people associated it with Matryoshka dolls.

Founded in Tokyo in 2006, Suicoke was not originally a sandal manufacturer. Rather, the company began by producing hand-painted Russian dolls and small home accessories. In fact, they produced matryoshka dolls, a popular Russian toy. This was their first product reference outside of Japan, and this continued in their transition to shoes. Today, the company is known for its high-quality sandals for men.

To maintain its reputation as a quality sandal brand, Suicoke has always sought to challenge the status quo. The brand strives to create products that are timeless and untouchable, and they have achieved this by removing human error and image maintenance from the equation. In this way, they have managed to produce sandals that are as comfortable as possible. This commitment to quality has made Suicoke a popular footwear brand.

Suicoke has teamed up with legendary shoe brand Dr. Martens to create the DM MURA, a blend of the two brands. A lightweight MURA upper sits atop an innovative custom outsole and durable Lorsan sole. The brand’s commitment to quality is reflected in their attention to detail and high quality product. The DM MURA features double branding, yellow welt stitching and a black and yellow heel strap.

Suicoke online shop

If you want to buy your sandals without breaking the bank, consider Japanese footwear brand Suicoke. These sandals combine comfort, functionality, style and support in a versatile design. Whether you’re going to the beach, hiking, or shopping, a pair of Suicoke sandals is the perfect companion. This company specializes in functional footwear that is always on trend. The minimalist design and easy-to-wear style of Suicoke sandals make them the perfect outdoor footwear.

The Suicoke Urich is water resistant and features a double strap and chunky outsole to keep your feet dry. This functional design is perfect for any outdoor activity. Its simple, minimalist style is the perfect complement to any outfit. Suicoke offers sandals for every style and budget, and there is a size to fit every foot. You can find the perfect pair of sandals for your feet at the Suicoke online store.

While many of the sandals at Suicoke are designed for comfort, look for an orthopedic look and unisex style. This brand has a wide selection of sandals with a comfortable Velcro closure. Whether you are a woman or a man, a Suicoke sandal is a quality investment. If you are looking for sandals that will last for years, look for a pair that is comfortable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.


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