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Herno – The cohesion between ecological commitment and style

Founded in 1954, Herno has grown into a global company with offices in 54 countries. Founded in Florence, Italy, the company has continually invested in design innovation, research and technology to ensure its products are of the highest quality. The company’s focus on sustainability concepts has been reinforced by integrating Italian design and functionality with new technologies such as thermo-taping and energy-efficient fabrics. Today, the company sells products in 54 countries and has strengthened its global focus by opening its flagship store in New York City.

Herno’s manufacturing philosophy

Herno’s factory is located in the dreamy geographical location of Lesa, in the Lake Maggiore region. The factory is powered by solar panels and operates autonomously, making it a model of ecological commitment. The company also pays close attention to the health and safety of its employees and incorporates the latest technological innovations and environmental standards into its production philosophy. In this interview, Claudio Marenzi talks about the connection between ecological commitment and style.

Claudio Marenzi, the current president of Herno, grew up near the factory. He joined the company at the age of twenty and rose to the position of director. In 2011, Claudio Marenzi took over the management of Herno. He began to focus on the Herno brand after a long absence and convinced the Marenzi family to change the company’s strategy. Claudio Marenzi believes that the company can improve its reputation by continuing to innovate.

In the first two decades of Herno’s history, the company produced raincoats for men and women. It also began making cashmere coats. Then, in the 1960s, the company began exporting its products to Europe. In the 1970s, Herno expanded its collections and began making jackets and suits for women. Giuseppe Marenzi opened the first Herno boutique in Osaka in 1968. The company has grown steadily over the years, expanding the brand to Japan, the United States and Europe.

Fabrics used

The Herno brand is synonymous with high-tech tailoring with refined and highly functional details. The company invests in high-tech machinery and innovative technologies to achieve the highest quality standards. The fabrics used are 100% recyclable, as are the designs. Herno clothing is highly functional and highly fashionable. The fabrics used for Herno clothing are also breathable and water repellent, making them suitable for outdoor use.

In addition to the fabrics used for clothing, Herno also focuses on Italian craftsmanship and a commitment to ethics. The brand is always on the lookout for the latest innovations, which allows it to deliver products of the highest quality. Herno’s garments are characterized by their neutral shades, impeccable cuts and excellent quality of workmanship. The company has been working on all aspects of its products to ensure that they meet the high standards of the most demanding customers.

Giuseppe Marenzi founded Herno in 1948, and his military experience went into designing the first raincoats. Since then, outerwear has been the brand’s specialization. In 2005, Herno created a line of modern sportswear collections, bringing a range of shapes and fabrics to the collection. The sportswear line includes a number of must-have styles like the Laminar Parka. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just looking for a chic jacket for the office, you’ll find the perfect garment at Herno.


Herno is one of the most recognizable names in upscale sportswear, opening its first international boutique in Osaka, Japan in 1971. The Italian company is also known for its rigorous fabric selection, which makes Herno coats exceptionally warm and water-resistant. They also make great gifts for fashion-conscious men and women, and many of their styles have won numerous design awards. The Herno Globe hooded bomber is made from bio-based nylon, which is derived from the castor plant that grows in dry soil. Bio-based nylon is not only lightweight, but also has no impact on food crops. The matching t-shirt is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. The hooded bomber features a world map and slogan. The hooded bomber is a great choice for colder weather, as it can be worn with jeans and a sweater.

In 1948, Giuseppe Marenzi founded Herno, a luxury outerwear brand that combines cutting-edge fabrics with modern fashion style. A native of the Erno Valley, Marenzi designed a water-resistant jacket that met the needs of his homeland. The innovative company also pioneered the use of padded goose down in its outerwear. Today, Herno’s jackets and coats combine classic silhouettes with rainproof precision.


The Herno jacket is the epitome of winter wear. Although it is one of the most recognizable names in Italian apparel, the company is relatively unknown outside of Italy. Founded nearly 75 years ago, Herno started out making practical outerwear and later moved into the luxury sector with double-faced fabrics, fine tailoring and cashmere coats. The brand quickly became a favorite among adventurers and today produces refined and functional outerwear.

The Down Jacket is made of down and feathers in a durable, ultra-lightweight nylon fabric. The hood is removable and has a high, slanted wool brim. The front zipper opening features a metal logo monogram and is available in Junior and Teen sizes. The coat is available in a variety of colors and cuts, so you can choose a style that fits your individual style. For tween and junior, you can find the down jacket in a variety of sizes.


HERNO is a renowned Italian outerwear company. Founded in 1948 by Giuseppe Marenzi, the company started out making raincoats and quickly expanded to jackets and DOWN coats. Their DOWN jackets are especially popular in the winter months, and their signature HERNO DUVETS are some of the most luxurious jackets on the market. HERNO is known for making classic, timeless outerwear, but you can also find a wide range of styles and sizes.


A true Italian brand, Herno is a pioneer in outerwear. The brand was founded in 1948 by Giuseppe Marenzi, who introduced a new method of impregnating outerwear by treating it with castor oil. Today, the company combines the latest fabric innovations with fashionable styling. Herno, named after the Erno River, makes warm, waterproof jackets, cozy wool coats and quilted outerwear. The distinctive style and classic silhouette make Herno outerwear instantly recognizable.

The brand was born out of designer Morenzi’s desire to create a stylish raincoat. Today, the range includes a variety of styles and colors, from classic parkas and trench coats to quilted jackets. The collection is characterized by a modern fashion approach and has a high price. Herno has become a global brand known for its premium quality and innovative design. A brand of this caliber is worth every penny.

The Herno online shop

Herno is an Italian fashion label founded in 1948 by Giuseppe and Alessandra Marenzi, originally known for its fashionable clothing. It owes its rise to luxury fashion to Claudio Marenzi’s innovation in the form of the ultra-lightweight down quilted jacket. The down quilted jacket, a featherless jacket, was a huge success in 2008 and catapulted the Italian brand into the high-end segment.

The Herno online store is a great place to store for high-end fashion and accessories. From jackets to sweaters, Herno offers the highest quality products made in Italy. The Marenzi family has been making men’s fashion for more than 60 years and has become a major international brand. The label is known for its classic Italian design and functionality. Since its inception in Lesa, Italy, the brand has become a leading luxury fashion brand.


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